PEARL GLOSS STYLER – limitless styling with pearlescent shine

The Pearl Gloss Styler is alcohol-free and the ideal styling product for all hair types. All styling techniques such as molding, separating and accentuating a finished look is the priority function of the Pearl Gloss Styler. Even hours after use, hair remains wonderfully manageable. Vitamin B and Sorbitol strengthen and protect hair, while preventing moisture loss for an enduring style. Light-reflecting crystals bestow additional shine and shimmer to hair.

Available in 150ml


SOFT FINISH SPRAY – flexible hold

Soft Finish Spray is a professional grade finisher for all styles that leaves hair looking natural and vibrant. A little goes a long, long way! Moderately used, achieve long-lasting volume and style. The secret lies in the mixture of high quality polymers that give hair stability in the wind and high humidity while maintaining the silkiness and elasticity of the hair. Soft Finish Spray holds style without stickiness or weighing hair down for natural looking, long lasting styles with super shine.

Available in 75ml


SUPER SHINE SPRAY – more shine for your finish

Super Shine Spray is a refining finish for those who want more. It refines style and accentuates color. Frizzy tips are smoothed. Dry hair is made silky and shiny. Super Shine Spray prevents static charging.

Available in 50ml